Online PR? Offline PR? Just PR?

Online PR? Offline PR? Just PR?

I’ve just whipped through a colleague’s copy of’s Online PR Benchmarking Survey ( and it got me thinking about PR in general. I love PR, and I think, done correctly it can add significantly to the overall promotional mix (just think about Richard Branson & Virgin for a sec) . . . but I won’t patronise you on that front. I’m no PR expert and wouldn’t claim to be so.

The one thing that does really interest me is how much the SEO community has picked up on the whole PR thang and is rocking it to it’s absolute core. I mean, let’s think about this for a second . . . This (the econsultancy one mentioned above) report claims that 49% of online PR work is being handed to search agencies or web developers and with 51% going to traditional PR agencies. . . That’s nearly 50% of what should be PR industry work going to a different industry all together.

This tells me there’s a massive gaping wound in the PR industry. No one really seems to know what’s going on. I’ve even checked out a few ‘Online PR’ agencies websites’ and that just seems to confuse matters further.

It’s all pretty simple though really . . . Isn’t it? Don’t you just apply the same principles of offline PR to the online world? Sure you’ve got blogs, social networks and online video, but are the principles so different from offline that a traditional PR agency can’t adopt?

Having said that, lol, I’m seriously thinking about launching SearchData PR 😉 Drop me a line if you’re interested!


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Link amplification: get more out of your link building

If you’ve spent any time researching or working with the SEO industry you’ll know all about the importance of links. Links are the lifeblood of most SEO campaigns and once you’ve got your onsite SEO in place link-building will become one of your major priorities.

Fore thought . . .
Now, the purpose of this post is not to discuss the world of link-building, it’s pros or it’ cons, however I will just say how to this day I still find myself slightly surprised by many SEO’s attitudes towards link-building . . . For something so critical to a successful organic search campaign I just can’t understand why so many agencies will settle for/risk outsourcing their entire link-building campaigns to third party link-builders where they have very little control over anchor text weighting, site quality, link quality and safety of reputation. It’s just crazy!

Link amplification
You like that term don’t you? ‘Link amplification‘, it sounds good doesn’t it? Technical, sophisticated, slightly arrogant . . . the kind of la de da SEO term you’ll hear banded about by SEO gurus all over the net. Well – we coined it first, and now I’m going to put it into lay mans terms:

Link amplification is simply the technique of building links into links that you have already built to your own website. The intention is to pass more authority to the ‘big’ links that you build bay underpinning them with their own inbound links.

Well practised with advanced SEOs
I’ve discussed link amplification with many of my colleagues and contacts in the industry and can tell you that link amplification is a link-building technique used in some form or another by some of most advanced SEOs out there.

Don’t get too excited
Now I’m not saying that you should go out there and start spamming links to all the links you’ve ever built! What I’m saying is, with a bit of skill and SEO cunning you could add some extra power to a few of your bigger existing back links.

I’m not giving it all away
Would you like to know more about link amplification? Leave a comment and I’ll happily forward a tip sheet.

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