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Building an un-traceable network

Building an un-traceable network There are loads of reasons why you’d want to build a network of websites and not have them connected to each-other. I’m not just thinking for SEO reasons . . . Although the benefit of building a network to game the algorithms would be far outweighed by the work involved so […]

Ethical link-building

Ethical link-building (I just posted a similar article to eZine Articles on white hat link-building . . . but I thought you guys would appreciate it here too) I think that most who read this blog will agree that unless you’re one of the long-standing, legacy type sites that link-building will be one of your […]

SEO – looking forward to 2009

SEO > looking forward to 2009 I always have mixed feelings at the end of the year. On one hand I’m excited in anticipation of a fresh start and new beginnings, while on the other I feel slightly melancholy as I review the passing year and it’s opportunities that we’re (or were not as the […]