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Dusting off old domains

Hording is something I’m pretty good at and if you saw my domain collection you’d definitely agree! I’m taking some time out over the next couple of weeks to go back through my domains and see if there is anything worth salvaging. I find that one of the most frustrating things about being in online […]

Base links – what are they?

Base links – what are they? We build base links into all our link building campaigns as a matter of course – you probably do it too. I just wanted to take five mins to jot down some thoughts on base links and try and get some discussion flowing on their overall value. So what […]

Tony Hart

Just saw some sad news that Tony Hart, the TV artist famous for kids programme HartBeat (and a lot more I should imagine) has died aged 83. Brought back few memories. Morph and co. I’m still also a little bit bitter that my painting of a Pharoah’s mask never made it onto the gallery. . […]

Link building – what are your competitors doing?

If you’re like us, one of the most interesting things in SEO is when you unearth your competitors’ link building strategy. Now I’m not talking about the general back link research and analysis you’d do here. I’m talking about seeing exactly how your competitors are managing to bag their big . . . Fat . […]

Building an un-traceable network

Building an un-traceable network There are loads of reasons why you’d want to build a network of websites and not have them connected to each-other. I’m not just thinking for SEO reasons . . . Although the benefit of building a network to game the algorithms would be far outweighed by the work involved so […]

ANNOUNCEMENT: SearchData launch dedicated link-building service

Dedicated link-building service saves SEO legwork. UK SEO consultancy, SearchData ( have launched dedicated link-building service LinkBuildingSupport ( The service offers link-building support services to SEO agencies, in-house SEOs and marketing departments providing a range of ethically sourced back-links to compliment the overall organic campaign. The new link-building service has been developed with the help […]

Matt Cutts wants your webspam feedback

Monsieur Cutts over at the Googleplex posted one that’s bound to get the search tongues wagging yesterday ‘Webspam in 2009?’ . . . And very kind it was too of him to throw open the doors to an industry of incessant whiners 😉 Some good points raised though. I was pleasantly surprised by the lack […]

A starting point for web analytics

A starting point for web analytics Every time Google Reader pings me with Avinash Kaushik’s RSS feed I feel a sense of extreme excitement and severe self loathing . . . Why is this you ask? Well, because it reminds me how much more I need to learn about web analytics, and how I really […]

Ethical link-building

Ethical link-building (I just posted a similar article to eZine Articles on white hat link-building . . . but I thought you guys would appreciate it here too) I think that most who read this blog will agree that unless you’re one of the long-standing, legacy type sites that link-building will be one of your […]

SEO – looking forward to 2009

SEO > looking forward to 2009 I always have mixed feelings at the end of the year. On one hand I’m excited in anticipation of a fresh start and new beginnings, while on the other I feel slightly melancholy as I review the passing year and it’s opportunities that we’re (or were not as the […]