Base links – what are they?

Base links – what are they?

We build base links into all our link building campaigns as a matter of course – you probably do it too. I just wanted to take five mins to jot down some thoughts on base links and try and get some discussion flowing on their overall value.

So what do we mean by ‘base links’, well quite simply we’re talking about those easy to get, relatively low benefit back links from:

Web directories
Article directories
Press release directories
Discussion forums
Social bookmarking

It’s a relatively safe bet that Google et al place a limited amount of authority on these type of links, however, that’s not to say that they are worthless.

Your base links can help you to sculpt your back-link profile in terms of anchor text and URL balance and help the engines to theme your site – you’ll soon start to see the success of this in your Google Webmaster Control Panel.

As ever, I’m not talking about spamming these sources for back-links, I’m talking about a steady, systematic approach to working these types of links into your link building excercises.

So what’s your approach to base links? Do you believe that they offer any SEO value, either direct or indirect?


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  1. Posted January 26, 2009 at 2:16 am | Permalink

    I always look to base links that you listed above as a first step in link building. Once the main domain and major categories are linked, it’s time to switch gears. It’s always good to have a balanced mix of links. Going forward, I don’t feel free directories and some paid directories will have much value. I see the importance of these links falling a bit in the near future.

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