Matt Cutts wants your webspam feedback

Monsieur Cutts over at the Googleplex posted one that’s bound to get the search tongues wagging yesterday ‘Webspam in 2009?’ . . . And very kind it was too of him to throw open the doors to an industry of incessant whiners 😉

Some good points raised though. I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of mention to paid linking.

It seems that people are really starting to get hacked off with people nicking their content to feed spammy scraper and MFA sites (me included), especially when their links are getting ripped out.

Also some mention of review sites showing up far too often. I kind of agree, some (not all) are nothing but glorified scrapers profiting from people Trade Mark long tail.

A few of us were also getting rather miffed at the amount of spam that comes via Adwords and Adsense sites . . . I guess people are referring to the MFA arbitrage sites here.

Interesting to see Andrew Girdwood at BigMouthMedia‘s prediction (I think Matt made a similar one last year) that we’ll see more site’s getting hacked just for links . . . It’s sad but we’re already seeing it . . . And I can’t see it stopping!

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