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I always have mixed feelings at the end of the year. On one hand I’m excited in anticipation of a fresh start and new beginnings, while on the other I feel slightly melancholy as I review the passing year and it’s opportunities that we’re (or were not as the case may be) capitalized on.

From an SEO point of view I’m excited . . . Excited because I think we’re going to have to adapt to a more intelligent suite of search engines than we have been used to in the past.

I’m really starting to think that there are some fundamental changes starting to take shape in Google’s organic search results. We’ve monitored some really interesting trends over the past few months and started to get a real mixed bag of results with various SEO techniques.

With all the scmuzz floating around about personal search, I can’t help but think the organic SERPs are going to be harder to control/manipulate (apologies Matt – I use that word VERY carefully) from the SEOs perspective meaning that we have to pull wider online marketing skills into our repertoire.

I can imagine more SEOs, both agencies, affiliates & in-house getting deeper in to paid search & sponsorship to leverage other sites’ audiences whilst developing optimisation techniques for the wider universal search – images, local, product, news & video.

Those that are able to master Universal search to deliver traffic that converts will find themselves in demand very quickly indeed (drop me a line about Universal Search – we can help you).

I’m also really excited about mobile search. Although I have no experience in it whatsoever I’m keen to learn so drop me a line if you’ve got a site that we could experiment with . . . We’ll work something out.

Local search too . . . Working on that as we speak.

Take care and all the very best for the New Year.


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